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The Membership Challenge of 2015 is a recruitment contest between student chapters occurring from July 1, through October 1, 2015. This contest is intended to challenge student members to recruit new students to join the student chapter and become SME members.


The Challenge dates are July 1, through October 1, 2015. Winners will be notified by December 30, 2015 and be listed in the Mining Engineering magazine in April, 2016.


Winners will be recognized with a monetary award, an article in Mining Engineering and mentioned at the SME Annual Conference.
Cash rewards are:
• U.S. $300 – the Student Chapter with the highest number of NEW MEMBERS
• U.S. $200 – the Student Chapter with the 2nd highest number of NEW MEMBERS
• U.S. $100 – the Student Chapter with the 3rd highest number of NEW MEMBERS

Rules and Procedures:

• Only new member recruits will count toward the chapter growth.
• A chapter must have 10 active members and recruit 10 new members to be eligible for the challenge.
• The Student Chapter can submit the applications each week of the contest to SME.
• Applications will be processed as quickly as possible.
• SME is providing a recap sheet that you can use to submit your applications each week.
• A chapter cannot win in more than one category.
• Payments must be submitted with applications.
• Applications and payments postmarked after October 1, 2015 will not be eligible for the contest.


A Grand Prize of U.S. $400 will be awarded to the student chapter with the highest total percentage of renewals and new members signed up during July 1 through October 1, 2015. Any chapter that recruits more than 25 new members will be awarded a bonus of U.S. $250 for their efforts!!

The application process takes up to two weeks so students should be encouraged to apply early. It is also extremely important that students fill out the application completely – supplying date of birth, majors, expected graduation date, address and email address.

If you have any questions please contact Mona Vandervoort at 303-948-4227 or by email at vandervoort@

Download the Student Membership Challenge Recap Sheet

2015 Student Membership Challenge Brochure (ENG)
2015 Student Membership Challenge Brochure (ESP)