Student Chapter Annual Reports

Annual Report Guidelines
An annual report reflects chapter priorities, activities, and achievements for the year. It also encourages professional accountability. While there is no prescribed format for the annual report, it may be useful to include the following:

  • Membership and Governance:Student chapter officers, members, faculty sponsor, and local SME section counselor.

  • Chapter Activities:To be considered for the SME Student Chapter MEC Award, you must include a separate section of information in your Annual Report regarding your Chapter's MEC Program, community service and/or other educational outreach activities. The award selection committee will use the material written in your report to select the award recipient.

  • Student Member Activities:Similar to the chapter activities outlined above, but instead highlighting individual student members.

  • Treasurer's Report

  • Secretary's Report

  • Photographs and other graphics to enhance the report and support its contents.

Production Criteria
The annual report...

  • should not exceed 50 pages, excluding cover pages, the table of contents and section dividers

  • must be set in type no smaller than 12 points; and

  • must have at least one-inch margins.

Student Chapter officers must be SME (or TMS, SPE or AIST) members, Chapter bylaws must be up-to-date, and annual reports must be received by SME Headquarters no later than June 1. Reports should be emailed to Mona Vandervoort with SME Education Department at


Delft University of Technology
Colorado School of Mines
Indian Institute of Technology
Indian School of Mines
Minnesota State University
Montana Tech - University of Montana
Missouri University of Science and Technology 
New Mexico Tech
Penn State - coming soon
Queens's University - coming soon
Southern Illinois University
University of Kentuky - coming soon
Universidad Nacional de Columbia - Sede Medellin - coming soon
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos 
University of Arizona 
University of Minnesota - Duluth 
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - coming soon
University of Utah
University of Pittsburgh - coming soon
Virginia Tech
West Virginia University