McIntosh Engineering Scholarship and J.H. Fletcher & Co. Scholarship

Available for: Undergraduate Students Only

The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship is awarded annually to up to six promising undergraduate students entering their junior year of an accredited undergraduate degree program in mining engineering with a focus on underground mining. The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship is a renewable scholarship with total potential funding of $12,000 per student: $5,000 for junior year and, subject to renewal approval, an additional $7,000 for senior year.

The J.H. Fletcher & Co. Scholarship is awarded annually to one or more students pursuing an undergraduate degree in mining or minerals engineering, with a desire to use their skills to apply technology to improve safety and productivity in underground mining. Students pursuing degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering may also be considered if they are minoring in Mining Engineering or show a strong desire for a career in the underground mining industry.

Eligible students may submit one application in consideration for one or both of these scholarships. See the scholarship guidelines for more information.