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Apply for Scholarships through SME's Wizehive Portal

Apply for SME scholarships online through Wizehive, a portal designed specifically to enhance your scholarship application process. To access the Wizehive portal for 2015 scholarship applications, you must sign-up. Through the sign-up process you will be creating a new account. We have upgraded our scholarship application process and the user login and account credentials from 2014 did not carry over.

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SME has implemented two grants to address the long-term challenges that threaten the sustainability of U.S. mining engineering, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy academic degree programs, as well as the looming future labor deficiencies associated with retirements over the next two decades. A list of available grants is provided below. Click on the grant’s name to view the full guidelines and application instructions.


Each year the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) and the SME Foundation offer multiple scholarships to SME student members who demonstrate a desire for and probability of success in a career in the minerals industry. A list of available scholarships is provided below (scroll down to see all). Click on the scholarship’s name to view the full guidelines and application instructions.