SME developed this series to bring its technical information to members who are not able to attend Annual or regional/topical meetings and short courses. The series will feature one-hour segments from prominent industry leaders. Each webinar will focus on a different aspect of our industry--from rare earths to HR issues to health and safety initiatives in the coal industry to the future for gold and more. Each webinar can be viewed from a personal computer using its speakers.

All Webinars are approximately one hour in duration. The price of the webinar may vary depending on the hosting committee. Standard webinars cost • $45 for members • $90 for nonmembers.

To register:

  • Go to https://smenet.webex.com

  • Find the webinar you want to register for, then click "Register" on the far right

  • Follow the directions provided on the registration page to complete your registration

Past programs are recorded and available for purchase. View the list of event recordings below or, go to smenet.webex.com then select "View Event Recordings" in the upper right hand corner.

Please select a webinar from the list below to learn more:


Dates Event Event Type Location
Jan 26, 2016
Health and Safety Performance

The Health and Safety component of this series will describe the evolution of best practice and performance standards such as OSHA, MSHA, and OHSAS, and regulatory expectations for monitoring and repo...Read More

Webinar Live Webinar
Jan 20, 2016
Environment and Climate Change

Jan 11, 2016

Economic Development

Dec 08, 2015

Social Performance

Highlighting the historical ties to human rights concepts, this webinar will describe the primary global drivers shaping our understanding of social performance for industry, key principles such as st...Read More

Webinar Live Webinar
Nov 03, 2015
Young Leaders Webinar: Career Currents - Navigating the Professional Path

Dr. Jessica Kogel will present "Career Currents: Navigating the Professional Path"

Traditionally career paths have been relatively linear and employment was stable, but today’s work envir...Read More

Sep 29, 2015
Getting the Lead Out

Pilot tests were run at two mines using peat-based sorption media to remove Pb, Zn and Cd. The first pilot was designed to model active (pressurized tank) and passive (biocell) approaches; the second ...Read More

Sep 22, 2015
Young Leaders Mentoring Session-Rookie Mistakes - Lessons Exercrably Learned

Leaving school you are filled with such hope and determination that you are sure Morgan Freeman should be narrating your life. You have a wealth of knowledge teamed with a smidgen of common sense, and...Read More

Jul 02, 2015
Webinar-Acceptable Achievable