Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program was created in 2001 with the charter to provide young SME members with the opportunity for professional and career development. The Young Leaders Program gives the younger membership of SME the chance to:

  • Network with key players in the industry

  • Gather technical information important to the professional growth

  • Remain involved with SME after graduation

  • Transition into more active leadership roles throughout SME

  • Develop and lead professional development programs within SME.

Each year, energetic young professionals who have demonstrated leadership abilities and the desire to become more involved with SME are selected to participate in the Young Leaders Program and Committee. Recipients of the Young Leader Award will serve on the Young Leaders Committee for four years. During that time they will work with the other members of the committee to develop SME’s Professional Development Program.

The purpose of the Professional Development Program is to expand SME's offering beyond the technical aspects of the minerals industry by providing additional programs that focus on professional and career development. These programs will take place at the Annual Meeting through symposiums, workshops and short courses and they may be expanded to include regional meetings as well as online forums. The Professional Development Program will be offered to all members of SME.


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