Environmental Division

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The objectives of the Environmental Division are to:

  • provide a means for cooperation and communication among professionals in the minerals industry engaged in any aspect of the physical environment and its condition,
  • including health and safety issues related to the minerals industry,
  • promote safe and environmentally sound mining practices,
  • create a forum for exchanging technical information, publishing technical papers, and organizing technical meetings/programs, and
  • encourage and promote education on the subjects related to these phases of the environment.

Technical Subcommittees

The Environmental Division Technical Subcommittees are:

  • Microbial Passivization Technologies (Chair: Linda Figueroa)
  • Global Acid Rock Drainage (GARD) (Chair: Terry Chatwin)
  • Environmental Management Systems: International (Chair: Patricia Acker)
  • Environmental Management Systems: United States ( Chair: Dennis Turner)
  • Uranium Mining (Chair: Ginger McLemore)
  • GIS for Mine Environmental Applications (Chair: Rob Kremer)
  • Geochemistry and Waste Rock Characterization Techniques for Mine Closure (Chair: Keith Smith)
  • NGO perspectives on Mining (Chair: Patrick Williamson)
  • Tailings Design (Chair: David Tyler)