Past and Present UVC Officers

A new officer for the sixth position, alternating between Coal and Mining and Exploration, will be elected each year. The six current officers will form a nominating committee to choose candidates. Nominations are due by October 1, and the Chairperson will mail a ballot containing the top two or three nominees who are willing to serve to all members of the committee. On November 1, the candidate receiving the most votes will be named to the sixth position. In the event of a resignation, the Chairperson, after seeking advice from the remaining officers, will decide how to fill the vacancy. The following table provides a list of all the past and present Chairpersons for the UVC.

1982 Howard L. Hartman
1984 Pierre Mousset-Jones
1985 John W. Stevenson
1986 Bruce R. Johnson
1987 Madan M. Singh
1988 W. J. Wang
1989 Malcolm J. McPherson
1990 Wayne A. Sadik
1991 Richard J. Kline
1992 John R. Marks
1993 Sukumar Bandopadhyay
1994 Keith G. Wallace, Jr.
1995 Jan Mutmansky
1996 Bill Pomroy
1997 Robert Haney
1998 Chris Pritchard
1999 Ragula Bhaskar
2000 Jerry Tien
2001 Tom McNider
2002 John Kelleher
2003 John Urosek
2004 Richard Ray
2005 Andrew Wala
2006 Ian Duckworth
2007 Kirk McDaniel
2008 Thomas Mucho
2009 George Gamble
2010 Felipe Calizaya
2011 Ian Loomis
2012 J├╝rgen Brune
2013 Brian Prosser
2014 Dave Loring
2015 Philip W. Patton
2016 Anu L. Martikainen
2017 Kray Luxbacher
2018 Gerrit Goodman
2019 Dan Stinnette