Robert M. Dreyer Award

The Robert M. Dreyer Award in Applied Economic Geology, established as an annual Award in 1999, recognizes outstanding achievements in applied economic geology. The outstanding achievements so recognized must have been accomplished through commercial exploration or development of metalliferous and/or nonmetalliferous mineral deposits.

Eligibility: The recipient must have contributed significantly to applied economic geology through discovery of a major mineral deposit, substantial expansion of an identified deposit, outstanding delineation and estimation of resources and reserves, scientific studies that led to discoveries, or successful technical management of these activities. The recipient must have spent most of his/her career in applied economic geology and no less than four of the past five years in commercial endeavors, exclusive of academia and government service. The recipient shall be selected without regard to age, gender, race, religion, or nationality.

Nominations: A call for nominations will be published in Mining Engineering. Prior to June 1, the Chair of the Robert M. Dreyer Award Committee shall receive any nominations to be presented to the full Committee. Nominations should give a full and complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of their professional and commercial exploration or development achievements in sufficient detail to enable the Committee to pass judgment on the candidate’s worthiness to receive the award. Each Committee member may submit one or more candidates, and candidates may also be proposed by SME members who are not Committee members. Each selection must be submitted properly documented on the standard nomination form. The Chair shall notify the SME Executive Director of the recommended candidate and request SME Executive Committee approval.

Attention: Call for nominations has been issued.
All nominations are due June 1.


Award Recipients

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2015 - Robert J. Kellie

In recognition of an exceptional career in industrial mineral exploration, leading teams that discovered six world-class mineral deposits on 3 continents, including the Jadar Li-B deposit (Serbia), the Kazan trona deposit (Turkey) and the Blacks Fork trona mine (USA).

2014 - Ihor A. Kunasz
2013 - Dan Wood
2012 - Peter Megaw
2011 - Tom Patton
2010 - William Lindqvist
2009 - Stephen Leary
2008 - C. Mark Rebagliati
2007 - John S. Livermore - "The CORDEX Team"
2007 - Andy B. Wallace - "The CORDEX Team"
2006 - Anton G. Esterhuizen
2005 - Charles E. Fipke
2004 - Roy Woodall
2003 - Merwin Bernstein
2002 - John P. Hunt
2001 - Leo J. Miller
2000 - J. David Lowell