GEM Individual Award Archive

In September 2011, the SME Foundation's Board of Trustees voted to create the Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) to further unify and strengthen the development, production and distribution of credible and objective mining and mineral education programs and activities. The MEC is comprised of SME's former GEM and Mii Programs and is intended to also leverage new strategic partnerships, alliances and collaborations. It is envisioned that the MEC will help to create an enlightened and supportive public that appreciates the importance of mining and minerals to their lives and their lifestyles.

Starting in 2012, SME will not be making any additional GEM or Mii Awards. The Minerals Education Coalition Committee has designated four Award categories to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations which have significantly aided in its activities and programs.

Award Recipients

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2011 - Dale Elifrits

About the GEM Individual Award:

The GEM Award was established in 1978 to recognize outstanding contributions to the SME Government, Education and Mining (GEM) program within the defined scope of GEM activities. The award is made for activities at the Local Section level only. Election to this honor is by the GEM Committee with notification to the SME Executive Committee.

2010 - Brian Shaffer
2009 - Jan C. Rasmussen
2008 - Dinah O. Shumway
2007 - David R. Gossett
2006 - Elaine T. Cullen
2005 - Teri W. Conrad
2004 - Nancy L. Bingham
2003 - Amy C. Semratedu
2002 - J. Steven Gardner
2001 - Susan M. Courter
2000 - John N. Murphy
1999 - R. Terry Leigh
1998 - Anne T. Leslie
1997 - Walter Lombardo
1996 - Susan E. Hutchinson
1995 - Joseph J. Hanzel
1994 - Guy A. Johnson
1993 - Paul Iverson
1992 - H. Dan Harper
1990 - Hector Rojas
1985 - Patricia C. Petty
1980 - Alfred L. Ransome
1979 - Page L. Edwards
1978 - Alfred G. Hoyl