MEC SME Organization Recognition Award

This Award will pay tribute to an SME group effort which has demonstrated active involvement with the MEC's efforts either through development and use of educational materials with K-12 teachers and students or public outreach and awareness about mining and minerals. The MEC SME Organization Award will be a framed certificate done in-house and a $250 check to the group for the purpose of sustaining their involvement in minerals and mining education outreach.


Award Recipients

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2014 - SME Florida Section

In recognition of the Florida Section SME Members' outstanding public outreach and awareness about mining and minerals. 

MEC Organization Recognition Award to the Florida Section
The MEC Organization Recognition Award is presented to the Florida Section "in recognition of the Florida Section SME Members' outstanding public outreach and awareness about mining and minerals."

The Florida Section of SME has a long-term relationship with local communities, legislative representatives and school districts. They promote mining education from the adult level to pre-kindergarten and the MEC volunteers are active with school-based mining, mineral and rock education. The local MEC group also encourages teachers and educators to research and learn more about the minerals we use every day and need for sustaining life. Todd Parker currently chairs the Florida Section MEC Committee, which helps in organizing, securing judges, staffing, mentoring and rewarding students for participating in county and state science fairs. They also participate in classroom discussions and help students prepare for and develop science fair projects.

In November 2014, the section exhibited at the National Science Teacher Association conference in Orlando, FL and spoke to science teachers from across America about mining and minerals. The section distributed more than 850 mineral kits and educational literature, such as the Mining Rocks activity book designed by local chapter members. The traditional Christmas meeting was devoted to local school principals and STEM Coordinators. They received instructions on how to apply for mini-grants, scholarships, teaching achievement awards and speakers.

2013 - SME Minnesota Section