The Miner of the Year

The Miner of the Year Award was established by the Mining & Exploration (M&E) Division in 2012 and was first awarded in 2013. It is presented to a person in recognition for getting “Rock in the Box.” This award is designed to recognize mine-site leaders who are able to manage production, people, community, safety and be good stewards of the environment and is funded by Atlas Copco, Inc.

Eligibility criteria for the award include:

  1. the nominee must be an SME member in good standing;

  2. the nominee must be willing to accept the award in person at the annual meeting

2014 - Clyde H. Peppin

Clyde H. Peppin has shown the true spirit of what it takes to "put rock in the box" while stressing safety and personal relations. "Miner Mike" would be proud.

2012 - Cherie M. Tilley