The M&E Outstanding Young Professional Award

The M&E Outstanding Young Professional Award, established in 1996, recognizes the meritorious accomplishments of a young individual working in the mining and exploration industry (including related academic and governmental careers). The award shall consist of a plaque appropriately engraved with the name of the award and the name of the recipient. Eligibility for the award will include:

  1. the nominee must hold a baccalaureate degree;

  2. the nominee must be 35 years of age or less at the time the award is to be presented ;

  3. the nominee must be an SME member in good standing;

  4. the nominee must have made a significant contribution to the minerals industry in one or more of the following areas: mining, exploration, operations, research, academia, design or engineering/construction;

  5. the nominee must be willing to accept the award in person at the annual meeting.

All nominations are due June 1.

Contact SME Awards for more information.


2014 - Jonathan B. Taylor
2013 - Justin D. Anderson
2012 - Elaina Ware
2011 - Claudio Cassio
2010 - Philip Joggerst
2009 - Jess Kindler
2008 - Donald C. Dwyer
2007 - Eben D. Robinson
2006 - Richard E. Bishop
2005 - Shaun P. Graber
2004 - Robert W. Pratt
2003 - Terry A. Bush
2002 - Dayan J. Anderson
2000 - Matt J. Blattman
1999 - Amy Patterson
1998 - Jason R. Stoltz
1997 - Xavier L. Ochoa
1996 - Ian J. Duckworth