Ben F. Dickerson Award

The Ben F. Dickerson, III Award, established in 1987, recognizes professionalism and contributions to the mining industry. Election to this honor is by the Mining and Exploration Division Executive Committee with notification to the SME Executive Committee.

Ben F. Dickerson, III was a member of AIME from 1962 until his death in 1987. He served on the Board of Directors and was Chair of the M&E Division. He will be remembered for his numerous "ROCK IN THE BOX" columns which he began writing in 1980, and also for the humor, wit and satire of his "News and Rumor from the Bush" articles featured in Skillings Magazine.

He believed in professionalism and encouraged his employees to participate in professional societies in order to grow in their profession. Besides AIME, he was a member of SEG, GSA (Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits), SIMM, AIPG, Colorado Mining Association, Northwest Mining Association, Mining Club of the Southwest, Mining Club of New York, and the Arizona Geological Society, to name just a few. He abhorred ignorance and apathy. His curiosity was boundless; he never stopped asking "Why?"


Award Recipients

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2014 - Larry Smith
2013 - M. Stephen Enders
2012 - Thomas Patton
2011 - Ernie Black
2010 - Gregory McKelvey
2009 - John J. Ellis
2008 - Thomas E. Finch
2007 - Frederick T. Graybeal
2006 - Siegfried Muessig
2005 - Ernest K. Lehmann
2004 - Odin D. Christensen
2003 - Clarence J. Wendt
2002 - Russell C. Babcock
2001 - Walter E. Heinrichs, Jr.
2000 - William C. Peters
1999 - Wayne S. Cavender
1998 - Ted H. Eyde
1997 - Donald W. Kohls
1996 - Joseph E. Worthington
1995 - James H. Bright
1993 - T S Ary
1992 - Charles L. Dahl
1991 - J. Michael Canty
1990 - Willard C. Lacy
1989 - William C. Epler
1988 - Robert L. Bates
1987 - Severn P. Brown