The Industrial Minerals & Aggregates Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Award, established by the Industrial Minerals & Aggregates Division in 1985, brings recognition of scientific professionalism to young people working in the industrial minerals & aggregates industry. The award consists of a plaque, a stipend of $250 to help defray expenses while attending the Annual Meeting at which the award is presented, and paid housing, registration(s) and ticket(s) for the recipient and his/her spouse at the Annual Meeting and the IM & AD Luncheon. The recipient will be encouraged to submit an article within a year of the award presentation for consideration for publication in "In the Aggregate."

Eligibility requirements for the Young Scientist Award are fourfold: 1) the nominee must hold at least a baccalaureate degree and be working in the industrial minerals industry; 2) the nominee must not reach their 40th birthday before the award is presented at the Annual Meeting; 3) the nominee must have prepared a technical report for presentation at any meeting of the industrial minerals & aggregates industry or for publication in any scientific journal; and 4) the award may be presented to a non-member of SME with the provision that the Division makes him/her a member by awarding him/her a one-year membership.

All nominations are due June 1.

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Award Recipients

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2014 - Xihui Yin

Gordon Stevens left; Yin right

2013 - Hongjuan Sun
2012 - Vishal Gupta
2011 - Rajesh Raitani
2010 - John (Mike) Randolph
2009 - Abani Samal
2008 - Paula R. Alves
2007 - Aaron M. McMahon
2006 - Jason T. McCuistion
2005 - Michael C. Cheshire
2004 - Ismail Yildirim
2003 - Srinivas Veeramasuneni
2002 - Nathan Earl Robison
2000 - Kip J. Smith
1999 - Kurt B. Oakes
1998 - Joel F. Hutwelker
1997 - Jun G. Yuan
1996 - Don D. Eisenhour
1995 - Marc A. Herpfer
1994 - Robert J. Pruett
1993 - Robert J. Piniazkiewicz
1992 - Jessica Elzea Kogel
1992 - Cheryl M. Seeger
1991 - Charles L. Karr
1990 - Thomas Dombrowski
1988 - Daniel T. Eyde
1987 - Todd S. Harris
1985 - Roger D. Sharpe