The Howard L. Hartman Award

The Howard L. Hartman Award, established in 1989, recognizes distinguished contributions in practice, teaching or research in the field of underground ventilation engineering. There are no limitations regarding age, nationality, professional field, membership in the Society, or otherwise.

Nominations: Prior to December 31, the chair or any member of the Underground Ventilation Committee should receive any nominations to be presented to the full Committee. Nominations should give a full and complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of his/her professional and industrial achievements in sufficient detail to enable the Committee to pass judgement on the candidate's worthiness to receive the award.

The award shall be made every two years; not more than one award shall be made in an award year. An achievement by a team of two or more may be recognized in a manner designated by the Award Committee. The award shall be conferred at such time and place as the SME Board of Directors may designate, but normally at the biannual U.S. Mine Ventilation Symposium.

Award Recipients

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2015 - Dr. Stephen Hardcastle
2012 - Keith Wallace
2010 - Dr. Andrzej Wala
2008 - John R. Marks
2006 - Jan M. Mutmansky
2004 - Pramod C. Thakur
2002 - Pierre F. X. Mousset-Jones
1999 - Rudolf E. Greuer
1999 - Fred N. Kissell
1997 - Raja V. Ramani
1995 - John W. "Jack" Stevenson
1993 - Yih-Jian Wang
1991 - Malcolm J. McPherson
1989 - Howard L. Hartman