J. W. Woomer Award

The J. W. Woomer Award (formerly the Young Engineer Award) established in 1976, brings recognition of engineering professionalism to young people working in the coal industry. Election to this honor is by the Coal & Energy Division Officers with notification to the SME Executive Committee.

Eligibility requirements for the award include: 1) the nominee must be a graduate engineer working in the coal industry; 2) the nominee must not reach their 35th birthday before the award is presented; 3) the nominee must have prepared a technical report for presentation at any coal industry meeting or for publication in any coal industry journal or transactions; and 4) the nominee must be a member of SME.

The nominating procedure specifies: 1) the nominating petition must include a written description of the engineering project(s) and must describe the specific involvement of the nominee in the work accomplished; 2) the nominating petition must be reviewed by the appropriate SME Local Section Executive Committee; and 3) the Local Section’s letter of endorsement for a nominee should include a description of the investigation by the Section’s Executive Committee and a listing of the engineering accomplishment(s) of the nominee. Any SME Local Section may nominate a candidate but nominations must have the approval of the Section’s Executive Committee.

Prior to June 1 the nominating petition, including supporting documentation, should be forwarded to the Chair of the J. W. Woomer Award Committee.

Call for Nominations has been issued. All nominations are due June 1.
Contact Kaley Hollarn for more information.


Award Recipients

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2014 - Steven A. Keim

Keim left; Nikky LaBranche right

2013 - Heather N. Dougherty
2012 - Kramer Luxbacher
2011 - Braden Lusk
2010 - Ryan Murray
2009 - Jacob Hatch
2008 - Murali M. Gadde
2007 - Timothy W. Beck
2006 - Jaisen N. Kohmuench
2005 - Ian R. Harris
2004 - Robert J. Farmer
2003 - Susan B. Robertson
2002 - Steven M. Nye
2001 - John D. Byars
1999 - Cary P. Harwood, Jr.
1998 - Mark D. Beerkircher
1997 - Brian K. Schimmoller
1996 - Christopher C. Woomer
1995 - John L. Weiss
1994 - Michael D. Brown
1993 - R. J. Matetic
1992 - Bart J. Hyita
1991 - Barbara J. Arnold
1990 - John G. Groppo, Jr.
1989 - Steven C. Malyuk
1988 - Thomas A. Mekelburg
1987 - Mark C. Abernathy
1986 - H. Erik Sherer
1985 - Bruce P. DeMarcus
1984 - James W. Parkinson
1983 - John R. Ackerman
1982 - Robert W. Cope
1981 - William D. Hake
1979 - Philip L. Longenecker
1978 - Thomas J. Sawarynski
1977 - James W. Francis
1976 - Michael P. Miano