Howard N. Eavenson Award

The Howard N. Eavenson Award, first presented in 1969 and funded by AIME, is given for distinguished contributions to the advancement of coal mining. The award consists of cash and a certificate, appropriately inscribed with the name of the award, the name of the recipient, and the citation of the particular achievement for which the award is being conferred. Election to this honor is by the Eavenson Award Committee with notification to the SME Executive Committee.

The award shall be given to a U.S. resident, preferably but not necessarily a member of the Institute, who shall within a two year period in advance of his selection for the award have contributed the most to the advancement of the coal industry whether by research, invention, publication or advances in mining and development methods (labor relations not included).

Prior to June 1, the Chair of the Howard N. Eavenson Award Committee or a member of the Committee should receive any nominations to be presented to the full Committee. Nominations should give a full and complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of their professional and industrial achievements in sufficient detail to enable the Committee to pass judgment on the candidate’s worthiness to receive the award.


Award Recipients

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2015 - Christopher J. Pritchard

For his contribution in operations and research to improve mine airflow and the working environment for the safety and health of miners.

2013 - Jay F. Colinet
2012 - Pramod Thakus
2010 - Sukumar Bandopadhyay
2009 - John W. Grubb
2008 - Yoginder P. Chugh
2007 - Thomas J. Lien
2006 - Marshall S. Miller
2005 - H. Douglas Dahl
2004 - Christopher J. Bise
2003 - Stanley C. Suboleski
2002 - John W. Stevenson
2001 - John N. Murphy
2000 - Donald W. Mitchell
1999 - Madan M. Singh
1998 - Syd S. Peng
1997 - Robert L. Frantz
1996 - E. W. “Jake” Gieseke
1995 - Robert W. Dalzell
1994 - Robert H. Quenon
1993 - Fred N. Kissell
1992 - Howard L. Hartman
1991 - John L. Schroder, Jr.
1990 - Raja V. Ramani
1989 - Richard G. Miller, Jr.
1988 - William Carr
1987 - David A. Zegeer
1986 - A. W. Calder
1985 - R. E. (Gene) Samples
1984 - William N. Poundstone
1983 - Robert E. Murray
1982 - Leslie C. Gates
1981 - Douglas F. Crickmer
1980 - Irvin C. Spotte
1979 - Thomas L. Garwood
1978 - Robert G. Heers
1977 - Otes Bennett, Jr.
1976 - William F. Diamond
1975 - Charles J. Potter
1974 - John A. McCormick
1973 - Samuel S. Cassidy
1972 - Charles T. Holland
1971 - in R. Phelps
1970 - Woods G. Talman
1969 - Robert Stefanko
1968 - Joseph W. Leonard