Published On: 11/24/2015

SME Issues New Book on
Environmental Considerations in Energy Production

Environmental Considerations in Energy Production, edited by John Craynon, is the latest book from SME and contains submissions by energy professionals from around the world who discuss a wide selection of topics on energy production, including coal mining, oil and gas production, and electrical power generation, as well as the impacts on society and the environment.

“The papers present existing and emerging issues, best practices and techniques, and appropriate and innovative solutions to meet the present and future challenges of energy production,” said SME Executive Director David L. Kanagy, upon announcing the availability of the new book.

The papers range from reviews of work previously completed and discussions of preliminary investigations to thorough reports of research and recommended changes in methodologies and procedures. The issues presented show how the environmental impacts of energy production affect community well-being and human health. Contents Include:

  • Watersheds

  • Environmental Considerations in Coal Preparation and Waste Management

  • Community Well-Being

  • Coal, Gas and Energy Production

  • Public Health and Energy Production

  • Environment, Coal Mining and Sustainability

  • Environment Considerations in Underground Mining

  • Stream Biota Impacts

  • Landforms and Geomorphic Reclamation

  • Selenium in the Environment

  • Stream Restoration

  • Total Dissolved Solids and Environmental Impacts


The new book is available from SME at, by calling 800-763-3132, or emailing It is also available as an eBook from

SME is currently sponsoring a related conference, Environmental Considerations in Energy Production, April 14-18 in Charleston, W.V. that brings together international experts to discuss issues related to energy production in mining, oil and gas.

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