Published On: 11/24/2015

International mining experts gathering in Sweden

Mining at greater depths with larger payloads requires innovative technology

Held every five years, the Hoist and Haul Conference is one in a series of international conferences on mine hoisting. The Hoist and Haul Conference covers systems and technology associated with the handling of ore from the point of extraction in the underground mine to stockpiling on the surface. Held June 21-25 at the Clarion Hotel Sign Őstra, Stockholm, Sweden, Hoist and Haul features the latest technologies, statutory requirements and best practices in the industry.

Presentations and technical sessions include:

  • Brakes and brake controls

  • Design, operation and maintenance of ropes

  •  Hoisting control

  • Hoisting system elements

  • Incline transport

  • Motor, drives and supply

  • Shaft systems

  • Underground horizontal transport

As ore bodies are explored at greater depths and larger payloads need to be transported at higher speeds, larger and more powerful equipment is necessary. Important developments in mine hoisting safety requirements will be presented. The conference will also include a focused trade exhibition, local tours and specialized field trips. The Hoist and Haul Conference will provide opportunities for delegates to network with international mining experts and colleagues and share information on the latest projects from around the globe.

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