Published On: 11/24/2015

An Introduction to Cut-off Grade Estimation

Second edition book includes blending strategies

As the leading international resource for technical information about mining and related industries, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) is pleased to announce the availability of An Introduction to Cut-off Grade Estimation, second edition. The publication examines one of the most important calculations in the mining industry; cutoff grades play a key role in estimating mineral reserves that can be publicly reported.

“As an internationally recognized expert in the management, estimation, and public reporting of mineral resources, author Jean-Michel Rendu has incorporated practical insights into this best selling publication,” said SME Executive Director David L. Kanagy. “The completely updated second edition is easier to read and of greater practical interest to professionals the world over.”

This invaluable publication covers a full range of topics including:

  • breakeven cut-off grade
  • capacity constraints and opportunity costs
  • cut-off grade and mine planning
  • blending strategy
  • which costs should be included in cut-off grade calculations?

Cut-off grades are essential to determining the economic feasibility and mine life of a project. Profitability and socioeconomic impact of mining operations are influenced by the choice of cut-off grades. The relationship between optimization of net present value, capacity constraints and opportunity cost is explained in detail. As an added bonus, a new section discusses blending strategies which play a critical role in an increasing number of mining operations.

This fundamental hardcover can be ordered from, and is also available as an eBook from, book order No. 393-9.

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