Objectives of GPAC

One of SME’s greatest assets is the technical knowledge of its membership. SME has created a public affairs and government relations committee within SME to help leverage the expertise of its membership to create a system for providing timely, accurate, factbased, non-partisan technical information in response to urgent inquiries from SME stakeholders on topics concerning mining, minerals and extractive industries; and has developed a structured program to create Technical Briefing papers for informing and educating SME audiences.

Objectives of the committee:

  • Create views and positions on legislative and regulatory issues that affect extractive industries
  • Help congressional staff understand the importance of mining and develop good mineral policies
  • Help promote sound scientific and environmental energy policy
  • Develop informative materials for local influence, education and policy development
  • Create an expert SME knowledge base that can be leveraged to advocate on behalf of the industry, to inform community leaders and educate congressional staff
  • Lay claim to the science- and engineering-based extraction and use of mining and minerals
  • Teach SME members the skills needed to adequately and professionally represent the mining and minerals industries to their respective stakeholders
  • Develop a structured rapid response program to address requests for information from external constituents and SME members
  • Develop relationships with key governmental staffs of related mining, geology, engineering and other related industry organizations

SME Staff Liaison:
John S. Hayden, PG, REM
Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc.